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We take pride in helping athletes unleash their full athletic potential through world leading training regimes.
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Welcome to Sports Redefined

We train and develop your athletic potential.
At Sports Redefined, we don't just train our athletes, we build the foundation that will ultimately lead to their athletic success. Every athlete we work with is carefully screened so that we can identify the characteristics of their unique biomechanics. The result? The training programs we formulate are optimized for each individual athlete. 
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Our Services

We offer a full range of performance training services

Player Development

Youth & Adult Training
Whether you are just starting out your sporting journey or are an experienced veteran, we will develop you a program to take your performance to a whole new level.
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Pain Management

Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
We train our athletes with injury prevention in mind. Through carefully crafted programs, we put our athletes in a position where they can train hard and play hard.
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Health & Wellness

PT & Nutritional planning
We help athletes manage and adapt to athletic demands through personal training and nutritional planning so that they are able to reach their full athletic potential.
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  • A great experience every time. Sports Redefined takes professionalism to the next level. I cannot recommend them enough for anyone who is looking to achieve high performance in any sport!
    Jane Richards
    Professional Swimmer

Our Podcast

Listen to our podcast for the latest trends and insights in the high-performance space

April 2, 2020
SR Episode 306- I've Should of Cheated

In the wake of a win for the WNBA, the Astros cheating scandals highlight a gray area and everybody's favorite team is out of the Super Bowl. In this episode of Sports Redefined podcast, catch Nam, Rell and special guest- Josie, chop it up about Doncic’s awkward Larry Bird comparisons, who’s dropping the ball with […]

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March 26, 2020
SR Episode 307- Remembering Kobe Bryant

With the loss of Kobe Bryant heavy on the team's mind. We get together for a special edition of the podcast. In this episode the team discuss what Kobe Bryant's impact was on the NBA, as well as how he affected them personally. Stay tuned to the end for a special tribute and join us […]

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March 26, 2020
SR Episode 308- Winners Win, Losers Lose

With the Superbowl, NBA Trade deadline, &All Star weekend behind us. The team dives into the festivities in Chicago?What was the 49ers thinking? Was Aaron Gordon robbed? Did the NBA do justice by changing the All Star format? Nnamdi and KC gets into a heated discussion of the winners of the NBA Trade.

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